Method of preparation of emulsion.

Generally, the preparation of emulsion can be done by two different methods In small scale or laboratory scale stage 1: preparation of primary emulsion by dry gum method or wet gum method. In such class of primary emulsion ratios for different kinds of oil considered. Dry gum method Wet gum method Dry gum method: Transfer … Read more

Formulation of emulsion

formation of emulsion

Active medicament: Water soluble active medicament ex: vitamins, antibiotics, laxatives etc Oil soluble active medicament ex: vitamins, laxatives etc. 2. Additives: Oil phase: Fixed oil: castor oil, olive oil, cod liver oil, shark liver oil, arachis oil, cotton seed oil. Mineral oil: Liquid paraffin, Hard paraffin. volatile oil: Eucalyptus oil, oil of winter green, turpentine … Read more

Identification test for emulsion

There are many identification test for emulsion discussed as below: Identification test for emulsion: 1. Dilution Test: Principle: All the emulsions are easily diluted with their continuous phase /dispersion medium. Test: Divide the sample emulsion into two parts and collected them in a suitable test tube to the one part add sufficient water and to … Read more

what is emulsion and its type

Emulsion :Emulsion can be defined as biphasic liquid dosage forms consisting of Two immiscible phases one phase is always water and another phase is A kind of oil (fixed oil, mineral oil, volatile oil, oleo resins) either one Of the phase is dispersed in the form of fine globule into another phase With the help … Read more