what is emulsion and its type

Emulsion :Emulsion can be defined as biphasic liquid dosage forms consisting of Two immiscible phases one phase is always water and another phase is A kind of oil (fixed oil, mineral oil, volatile oil, oleo resins) either one Of the phase is dispersed in the form of fine globule into another phase With the help of third agents called emulsifying agents.

The phase is dispersed is called dispersed phase and phase in which Dispersed phase is dispersed is called dispersion medium or continuous Phase . Emulsions are meant for internal, external and parental Administration.

classification of emulsion:

1.Conventinal emulsion:( dispersed phase should have particales size 5-50µ)

1.Oil in water emulsions O/W                                 2.Water in oil W/O

2.Multiple emulsion ( dispersed phase should have particle size less than 50µ

1.Oil in water in oil emulsion O/W/O                         2.Water in oil in water emulsion W/O/W                    

3. Microemulsion ( dispersed phase should have particle size less than 50Å

   1.oil in water emulsion O/W                      2.Water in oil  W/O

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