Water Is An Excellent Nucleophile

Water Is an Nucleophile Lone pairs of electrons from electron-rich compounds called nucleophiles attack electron-poor atoms called electrophiles frequently in metabolic reactions. Electrophiles and nucleophiles don’t always have a formal negative or positive charge. Water is an efficient nucleophile because its two lone pairs of sp3 electrons have a partial negative charge. The oxygen atoms … Read more

Water and pH

Biomedical importance Water is the predominant chemical component of living organisms. Its unique physical properties, which include the ability to solvate a wide range of organic and inorganic molecules, derive from water’s dipolar structure and exceptional capacity for forming hydrogen bonds. How water interacts with solvated biomolecules influences the structure both of the biomolecule and … Read more

Biochemistry and Medicine

Biomedical importance Biochemistry and medicine enjoy a mutually cooperative relationship. Biochemical studies have illuminated many aspects of health and disease, and the study of various aspects of health and disease has opened up new areas of biochemistry. The medical relevance of biochemistry both in normal and abnormal situations is emphasized throughout this book. Biochemistry makes … Read more