HISTORY: The science of therapeutic drug monitoring grew out of the recognition that certain drugs have a narrow therapeutic range. The concentration above the upper limit of the range, the drug can toxic and below the lower limit range, the drug is ineffective because all patients will not have same response, hence clinical pharmacology departments. … Read more


DEFINITION: (INTENSITY OF DRUG USE)Medication adherence is defined as the degree to which persons or patients behaviorcorresponds with agreed recommendations from a health care provider.It refers to the intensity of drug use during the duration of therapy which has gratereffects on health than improvements in specified medical therapy.TREATMENT > ADHERENCE > OUTCOMESINTRODUCTION: Adherence to therapies … Read more


IntroductionPatient Medication history interviews help the pharmacist to establishrapport with the patient, commence preliminary counseling and help todevise an ongoing pharmaceutical care planSources: Patient, medication records from the hospital and other sources.Goals To gather information to be utilized to case discussion Compare medication profiles with the medication administrationrecord and investigate discrepancies Verify medication histories taken … Read more

Medication History

DEFINITION Medication history is a detailed, accurate, and complete information ofall the prescribed and non prescribed medications that a patient had taken orcurrently taking in a hospital, ambulatory, or OP care.It identifies patient’s needs and helps to improve the efficiency of medication byrendering medication errors and concerns of illness and treatment.It provides valuable information about … Read more