Determination of solubility at laboratory scale

A simple method very easy way determination of solubility at a laboratory scale and a particularly at a room temperature. Saturated solution of excessive amount of solid substances with solvent is prepared by vigorous shaking in a vessel placed in a particular temperature bath or water bath. Then filtered the solution by the help of the filter paper and funnel. During the filtration, the solid may be deposited on the filter paper or in the stem of the funnel. A known volume of saturated solution is evaporated in China dish. From the weight of the residue, the solubility can easily be calculated.

Determination of solubility

In this method evaporation of a liquid undesirable operation. This difficulty can be overcome whenever the different chemical analysis method is used.

Another defect of this method is that it takes a long time to maintain the equilibrium between the solid with the solution. The difficulty can be overcome by first preparing the saturated solution at a higher temperature and then cooling it to the desired temperature at which the solubility is to be determined.

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