Hospital organization and functions

What is Hospital

A hospital is an institution that provides diagnostic and therapeutic facilities, as well as trained employees, to assist a physician in his or her primary role of caring for sick or injured patients.


It can alternatively be characterized as an institution or a channel through which expert personnel and other healthcare agencies focus their efforts on improving public health by offering high-quality services. It is mostly a service-oriented industry, with pharmacists, nurses, laboratory technicians, and dieticians among the trained professionals.

Functions of a modern hospital

A modern hospital is more than just a healthcare facility. A modern care hospital’s main functions are: a) patient care, b) public health, c) education, and d) research.

The other roles are as follows

1) It improves the quality of care and general medical practice standards.
2) It reduces disease incidence by detecting diseases early and providing interim treatment.
3) It also results in an increase in income and social prestige.
4) It serves as an immunization center for epidemic, endemic, and pandemic disease prevention.
5) Larger hospitals contribute to the advancement of medical sciences by providing training for doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other medical personnel.

6) It acts as a link between the general public and the policymakers i.e. government

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