What is rubber

The natural rubber, which is a latex of “Heaven Braziliensis,”

Also, add some additives like following Activators (Eg: zinc oxide, zinc stearate), Filters (Eg: Asbestos), Vulcausing agents (Eg: sulfur), Lubricants (Eg: Thiazoles), and Softeners (Eg: Mineral oil for making of rubber.


Advantages of rubber

  • It is reseals after several applications. Eg: Injectables
  • Economically low price.
  • Chloroprene rubber is oil resistant.
  • Impermeable to absorb water.

Dis-Advantages of rubber

  • It is above 130°C, and degradation occurs.
  • It is possible for the product to absorb.
  • Silicone rubber is expensive.
  • The amount of bactericide absorbed.

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