Different types of metals are used in pharmaceutical industry.

Different types of metals

There are different types of metals that are used in the pharmaceutical industry, including:

  1. Copper.
  2. Sodium.
  3. Calcium.
  4. Potassium.
  5. Chromium.
  6. Magnesium.
  7. Molybdenum
  8. Tin
  9. lead
  10. Aluminum

Tin: It was expensive, and used for packaging food products, as well as pharmaceutical products.

Lead: It’s cheap. In the pharmaceutical industry, it is used less quantity, because the large quantity it may produce toxicity and is also not used in food products. With the addition of copper and silver, it is corrosion-resistant.

Aluminum: It is cheap, lightweight, and has mechanical strength also easy to clean. Used for making tins and tanks etc.

Metal foil: It is used to wrap the suppositories. Also mainly for blister packaging and strip packaging.

Types of metals are used in the pharmaceutical industry
Types of metals are used in the pharmaceutical industry

Advantages of metals

  • It is impermeable to moisture, light, and gases.
  • It is a strong and hard material.
  • It is an unbreakable container.
  • It is resistant to chemical reactions with drugs.
  • The metal foil used wraps the suppositories.

DisAdvantages of metals

  • It is expensive
  • Some of the cases they react with the drug
  • The metal particles are released into the pharmaceutical formulation.
  • They are not used for extemporaneous dispensing.

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