Social and preventive pharmacy blueprint 8sem

Social and preventive pharmacy blueprint 8 semester B pharmacy unit wise.

The goal of this course social and preventive pharmacy is to introduce students to a variety of health conditions and their associated concerns. This course also provides understanding about a variety of national health programs, as well as the duties of pharmacists in various settings.

  1. Purposes:

The learner will be able to do the following after successfully completing this course:

a. Develop a high level of awareness/realization of current health and pharmaceutical challenges in the country and around the world.

b. Possess a critical mindset based on contemporary healthcare developments.

c. Consider other approaches to resolving health-related issues.

d. Drug-related concerns

Distribution of content according to the topic list, time given for each topic, distribution of “Must know,” “Desirable to know,” and “Nice to know,” and the likely weightage of marks

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