Pharmacopoeia is a term, that comes from the Greek words “pharmakon meaning drug” and “poiein meaning “make,” collectively, which means any recipe (or formula) or preparation of a drug.

Briefly, about Indian pharmacopoeia.


Briefly about British Pharmacopoeia

British pharmacopoeia is the national Pahrmacopoeia of unites kingdom which is published annually, it consists of all quantity standards regarding British medical substances, used by any individual (or) any industry involved in research, manufacturing, quality control, quality assurance and assay.

The new edition of British pharmacopoeia is prepared in 1948. The publications are at intervals of five years i.e, 1948, 1953, 1958, 1963, 1968, and 1973, after 1973 the new edition was published in 1980 and then in 1988.

1980, the thirteenth edition and the fourteenth edition in 1988, published by her Majesty’s Stationary Office for the Health Ministers on the recommendations of the medicines commission.

British pharmacopoeia is the source of standards of drugs in the UK and other parts of commonwealth countries.

Briefly about united states pharmacopoeia (USP)

The USP and the NF (National Formulary) as official collections and are used as reference books for determining the strength, quality, purity, packaging and labelling of drugs and other related articles.

The USP was originally published in 1820 under the authority of the US pharmacopoeial convention, and the national formulary was published in 1888, under the guidance of the American Pharmaceutical Association. In 1974, the National Formulary was purchased by the only official book of drug standards, published under the heading, USP-NF.

Briefly about the National Formulary (NF)

The first national Formulary of India was published by the Government of India in 1960.

The Second National Formulary of India was published in 1966, and the third edition in 1979. The National Formulary of India contains a list of selected drug formulations and combinations approved by the hospital and doctors.

Indian National Formulary was prepared a view of provide guidance for doctors, medical students, and pharmacists at hospitals. Also, it provides the relative advantages and disadvantages of drugs, the extent of their use and bioavailability, etc. This third edition, included essential formulations, commonly used in- medical practice and is useful for medical practitioners for prescription writing.

Extra pharmacopoeia

Extra pharmacopoeia was first published in 1883, by “Willian Martinadale”. It is an authorized to book for drugs throughout the world.

The main aim of extra pharmacopoeia, is to provide practising pharmacists and physicians with up-to-date information on all drug substances.

Now a days they are available in the available in the form of CD-ROM database from where information search and retrieval is lot more easier.

The extra pharmacopoeia prepared by consulting the pharmacopoeias of another countries. The twenty eighth wdition was published in1982. The twenty ninth edition was publised in 1989 by the guidance of royal pharmaceutical society of great britain.

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