Pharmaceutical Associations in india

Various Pharmaceutical Associations in India

  1. Indian drug manufacturers Association, Mumbai.
  2. Bulk drugs manufacturers association, Hyderabad.
  3. All India small scale pharmaceutical manufacturers association, New Delhi.
  4. Organization of pharmaceutical procedures of India, Mumbai.
  5. Federation in Indian chambers of commerce and industry, new Delhi.
  6. Indian pharmaceutical association.
  7. All India medical technologist’s association.
  8. Association of community pharmacists of India.
Pharmaceutical Associations in india
Pharmaceutical Associations in india

Career for pharmacy professional

The career for the registered pharmacist is as follows:

Government sector

The opportunities are hospital pharmacist, Drug Inspector, Gov. Analyst, Professor, Assistant Professor, Food and Drug Administration, and Health Inspector, etc.

Private Sector

The opportunities are,

Academics (Teaching and Research) in industries the various department, manufacturing of drugs that are production, quality control, quality assurance, packaging, sales, marketing, research and development (R & D), medical coding, SAS, Pharmaco vigilance, regulatory affairs, and pharma publishing, etc.

Other countries also provide opportunities, for pharmacy professionals that are based in those countries. The openings are conducted by the registration exams (or) any other specified exam.

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