Nomenclature of Organic compounds.

Common system of Nomenclature of organic compounds

Common system of naming an organic compounds is also known as trivial system. According to this system naming is done an basic of-

  1. Source
  2. Property
  3. Discovery
  4. Structure of the compound
  • on the basic of source from which compound is obtained: For example:
  • On the basic of property :

On the basic of taste i.e sweet or bitter common name are given below. Ex

  1. sweet in taste-glucose
  2. Sweet(Glycerol)-Glycerol
  3. Sweet poisonous-Glycol
  • On the basic of discovery
    • RMgX(grignard reagent) R2Zn(Frankland reagent)
  • On the basic of structure: It’s based on the number of carbon atoms present,a word root is given to the name of the compound. Ex:
    1. 1C-Meth
    2. 2C-Eth
    3. 3C-Prop
    4. 4C-But
    5. 5C-Pent
    6. 6C-Hex
    7. 7C-Hept
    8. 8C-Oct
    9. 9C-Non
    10. 10C-Dec

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