Introduction to pathology

Study of pathology : The word ‘pathology’ is derived from two Greek word-patho (meaning suffering) and logos (meaning study).

  • pathology is thus scientific study of changes in the structure and function of the body in disease or in other word pathology can define as pathology consists of the abnormalities in normal anatomy (including histology) and normal physiology owing of diseases.
  • The study of the diseases is called as pathophysiology.
  • pathology contribute in patient by providing final diagnosis of diseases. Therefore knowledge and understanding of pathology is essential or important for all would be doctor as well as general medical practitioner because without the understanding of the language of pathology report they can provide the correct medicine to control or cure the diseases.
  • Sir William Osler (1849-1919) ‘Father of modern medicine’ according to him “your practice of medicine will be as good as is your understanding of pathology”.

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