Classification of antibiotics and beta-lactam compound.


An Antibiotics or an antibiotic substance is a substance produced by microorganisms, which has the capacity of inhibiting growth and even destroying other microorganisms.

Classification of Antibiotics

Classification of Antibiotics
Classification of Antibiotic

Beta-Lactam antibiotics

Antibiotic containing the beta-lactam (alpha-4 membraned cyclic amide) ring structure constitute the dominant class of agents currently employed for the chemotherapy of bacterial infections.

beta-lactam antibiotic are a broad class of antibiotic, the structure having a lactam group with a heteroatom structure consisting of the cyclic amide with 3 carbon atoms and one nitrogen atom. Beta-lactam antibiotic inhibit the growth of many gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria by interfering with the bacteria cell wall biosynthesis.

Beta lactam compound classification

  1. Saturated five membered ring
  2. Unsaturated five membered ring
  3. Unsaturated 6 membered ring
  4. beta lactam not fused with any other ring

classification of beta-lactam drugs:

classification of Beta-lactam drugs
classification of Beta-lactam drugs
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