What is solution

The solution is a liquid oral dosage form, administrated through the oral route. It is a homogenous, clear liquid. One (or) more ingredients are dissolved in a suitable solvent to make a dosage form. The solution is a combination of solute and solvent.

Solute: Which is dissolved in the medium present “small quantity”.

Solvent: This is a dissolving medium, present quantity comparative with solute.

Examples: Mixtures, linctuses, draughts, elixirs, syrups, drops.

Define syrup, describe the preparation of syrup

The syrup is a liquid oral dosage form, a saturated solution of sucrose in purified water is called “syrup” the concentration of sucrose is 66.7% w/w in 100ml of purified water. These are sweet, viscous preparation.

Types of syrup

  1. A medical substance containing syrup is called medicated syrup.
  2. A flavoring substance containing syrup is called flavored syrup.

Preparation of syrup

  • By single solution: Syrup prepared by adding a simple solution. Eg: Syrup ginger, syrup orange, syrup lemon, etc.
  • Process & Preparation: Add sucrose to purified water and heat it to dissolve sucrose with stirring. Cool it, and add more (or) remaining purified water to make the final volume.
  • By process of extraction: Add balsam to boiling purified water stir frequently, add purified water to make final volume, cool, and filter it. Add sucrose, and heat on a water bath. Finally, add purified water to make the final volume. Eg: Antibiotics. Anti histamines, Anti histamine.

Define elixir, describe the preparation of an elixir

Elixirs are liquid oral dosage forms. These are clear, sweetened, aromatic, hydro-alcoholic liquids intended for oral use. Elixirs contain ethyl alcohol, water, glycerin, (or) propylene glycol, a flavoring agent, and preservative.

These are categorized to :

  1. Medicated Elixir: Contain potent drug.
  2. Flavored Elixir: Contain flavors, not contain medicated substances.

Method of preparation of an elixir

Elixirs are prepared by dissolving the ingredients in a suitable vehicle with continuous stirring. Adjust the volume with the above vehicle, allow the elixir for some time, and add talc (3%) for absorbing excess oil. Filter it, and transfer it into the final container.

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