Soft gelatin capsule

Preparation of soft gelatin capsule by rotary die process

Soft Gelatin Capsule: These are used for the administration of liquid medicaments. Soft gelatin capsules are available in round, oval, and tube-like shapes. They are made from gelatin. The gelatin is plasticized by the addition of glycerin and sorbitol etc. The soft gelatin shell may contain a preservative to prevent the growth of fungi. They are used to enclose liquid medicaments-oils, Suspensions, food concentrates, and ophthalmic products.

Method of filling of soft gelatin capsules

Soft gelatin capsules are generally filled mechanically. The manufacturing of the capsule shell and the filling of the medicament take place simultaneously. Nowadays, a rotary machine is used for this purpose.

Rotary Machine

Preparation of soft gelatin capsule by rotary die process
Rotary Machine

In a rotary die machine, the soft gelatin capsules are prepared and then filled immediately with liquid medicaments.

  • The machine consists of two hoppers. The liquid gelatin mixture is placed in one hopper and the liquid medicament in the other hopper.
  • There are two rotating dies that rotate in opposite directions.
  • When fluid gelatin mixture enters the machine from the hopper, it produces two continuous ribbons. These ribbons come over the rotating dies from opposite directions and enter in between the dies. Thus, the half shell of the capsule is formed. At this stage, the measured quantity of the medicament is filled into it with the stroke of a pump. With the subsequent movement of the dies, the other half of the capsule is formed. The two halves of the capsules are sealed together by the heat and pressure of the rotating dies. The capsules formed are washed thoroughly and dried. These rotary machines are capable of producing between 25000 and 30000 capsules in an hour.

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