What are the types of ointment

Types of Ointment, Ointments are classified as:

1. According to their therapeutic properties.

  • Epidermic ointment
  • Endodermic ointment
  • Diadermic ointment

2. According to their therapeutic use.

  • Antibiotic ointment
  • Antifungal ointment
  • Anti-inflammatory ointment
  • Antipurific ointment
  • Astringement ointment
  • Antieczematic ointment
  • Keratolytic ointment
  • Counter-irritant ointment
  • Ointments used for dandruff treatment
  • Parasiticide ointment (xi) Protectant ointment

Classification of ointment bases

  1. Oleaginous bases
  2. Absorption bases
  3. Emulsion bases
  4. Water soluble bases

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