Pancreas is a dual gland containing both the exocrine and the endocrine parts. It is pale grey gland weighing upto 60 gms and is about 12-15cm long. It is situated in the epigastric and the left hypochondriac regions of the abdominal cavity.


Function of pancreas:

  • The exocrine part of pancreas is made up to lobules which are full of secretory cell and secreted the pancreatic juice
  • The pancreatic juice is carried by the pancreatic duct which opens into the duodenum along with the bile duct coming from the gallbladder.
  • The pancreatic juice contains digestive enzymes which helps in digestion of carbohydrates protein and fats.
  • The endocrine part of pancreatic consists of islets of Langerhans which consist of alpha and beta cells, this cells secreted glucagon and insulin respectively.

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