Effervescent granules

Preparation of effervescent granules

Effervescent granules are prepared by two methods:

1) Heat method

2) Wet method

Heat Method: A large porcelain or stainless steel evaporating dish is placed over a boiling water bath. Sufficiently hot before placing the powder for the liberation of water from crystallization from citric acid.

All the ingredients are powdered, passed through sieve number 250, weighed, and mixed. They are then placed in the dish and pressed down with an acid-resistant spatula until the mixture gets converted into a loose cake or damp, coherent mass. This mass is passed through a sieve to get granules. The granules are dried in an oven at a temperature of less than 60°C. The granules are packed in a wide mouth and Airtight container.

Wet Method: In this method, the mixed ingredients are moistened with a non-aqueous liquid (eg: alcohol) to prepare a coherent mass which is then passed through a number 8 sieve and dried in an oven at a temperature not exceeding 60°C. The dried granules are again passed through the sieve to break up any lumps that may have formed during drying. The dried granules are packed in airtight containers.

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