Calcification (Accumulation of calcium) PATHOPHYSIOLOGY

Calcification occurs when calcium builds up or increase the quantity of calcium in body tissues, blood vessels and organs. This kind of build up of calcium in body can harden and disrupt body’s normal processes.

Calcium is transported through the blood stream and its found in every cell. Calcification can occurs in almost any part of the body.

In our body about 99% of calcium is in teeth and bones and other 1% of calcium is in blood,muscles, fluid outside the cells and other body tissue.

Types of Calcification

Calcification can be form in many places throughout body including

  • kidney bladder and gallbladder
  • Soft tissue like breast muscles and fat
  • Small and large arteries
  • Heart valves
  • Brain (it’s known as cranial calcification)
  • Joints and tendons

Some calcium bluidup is not harmful. These deposits are believed to be the body’s response to inflammation, injury or certain biological processes, However some calcification can disrupt organ function and effect blood vessels.

Causes of Calcification: Many factor which are responsible for the calcification like infections calcium metabolism disorders that cause hyperkalemia genetic or autoimmune disorders affecting skeletal system and connective tissue, persistent inflammation.

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