Types of tablets

Tablets are the solid dosage forms containing medicament, (or) medicaments, usually circular in shape and may be flat (or) biconvex. Tablets are prepared by compression method.

Types of tablets

 (A) Tablets ingested orally:

  1. Compressed tablets
  2. Multiple compressed tablets
  3. multi-layered tablets
  4. Sustained action tablets
  5. Enteric coating tablets
  6. Sugar-coated tablets
  7. Film-coated tablets
  8. Chewable tablets

(B) Tablets administered by other routes :

  1. Implantation tablets
  2. Vaginal tablets

(C) Tablets used in the oral cavity:

  1. Buccal tablets
  2. Sublingual tablets
  3. Lozenge tablets
  4. Dental cones

(D) Tablets used to prepare a solution:

  1. Effervescent tablets
  2. Dispensing tablets
  3. Hydrodermic tablets
  4. Tablet tritmates

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