PHARMACY PRACTICE (7 sem B pharm) Question bank Unit wise

Unit I:
Hospital-its organization and functions

  1. Describe hospital organization with the help of a chart? (10)
  2. Classify hospitals using different criteria and mention their functions? (10)
  3. Define the functions and objectives of a modern hospital? (10)
  4. Classify various types of hospitals with suitable examples? (5)
  5. Describe the supportive services in a hospital? (5)
  6. Describe the Role and responsibilities of the supportive services in a hospital? (5)
  7. What are the primary and secondary care hospitals? (5)
  8. Define hospital? (2)
  9. What is a tertiary care hospital? (2)
  10. List out the supporting services required in a hospital? (2)
  11. What is a primary care hospital?
    Hospital pharmacy –Organization and management
  12. Describe the organizational chart of hospital pharmacy? (10)
  13. Describe the location, layout and infrastructure of a hospital pharmacy? (10)
  14. Describe the scope and responsibilities of a hospital pharmacist? (10)
  15. What are the Roles and responsibilities of hospital pharmacist in the various areas of a hospital (10)
  16. What are the functions and objectives of hospital pharmacy? (5)
  17. Write the procedure for material management in a hospital pharmacy? (5)
  18. What are the administrative and professional equipments used for hospital pharmacy practice? (5)
  19. Draw a typical layout of hospital pharmacy? (2)
  20. What is floor space requirement for a hospital pharmacy in a hospital? (2)
  21. How the pharmacist requirement in a hospital calculated based on bed strength? (2)
  22. What are the objectives of material management in hospital pharmacy? (2)
  23. Define hospital pharmacy?
    Adverse drug reaction
  24. Define ADR, Write its factors influencing ADR (5).
  25. Write the classification ADR with examples (5)
  26. How to manage ADR (2)
    Community Pharmacy
  27. Write the characteristic feature of ideal drug store(5)
  28. Explain the legal documents for obtaining license to open a drug store(5)
  29. Briefly explain merchandising(5)
  30. Explain cash book and ledger (5)
  31. What is balance sheet(2)
  32. What is profit loss account(2)
    Unit II:
    Drug distribution system in a hospital
  33. Explain distribution of narcotic substances (5)
    2.Describe dispensing of drugs to ambulatory patients(10)
    3.Explain different types of drug distributions in a hospital(5)
    Hospital formulary
  34. Define hospital formulary? List its objectives? (5)
  35. Write the guiding principles involved in the use of hospital formulary? (5)
  36. Explain the contents of hospital formulary (5)
  37. What is hospital formulary? Give its guiding principles and contents? (10)
  38. Describe the steps involved in the preparation of hospital formulary? (10)
  39. Explain in detail the preparation of hospital pharmacy? (10).
  40. What are the advantages and disadvantages of hospital pharmacy? (2)
  41. How is the hospital formulary revived/ (2)
  42. How are the drugs to be addition and deleted in hospital formulary? (2)
  43. What are the guiding principles involved in the use of hospital pharmacy? (2)
    Therapeutic drug monitoring
  44. Explain the factors to be considered during the Therapeutic drug monitoring(10)
  45. What are objectives of TDM (2)
  46. Explain the TDM process (5)
  47. Briefly write the indian scenario for therapeutic drug monitoring(5)
    Medication adherence
  48. Role of pharmacist in improving medication adherence(5)
  49. Write different factors affecting medication adherence(5)
    Patient medication history interview
  50. Write the steps involved in Patient medication history interview(5)
    Community pharmacy management
  51. How the community pharmacy managing the materials and finance(5)
    Unit III:
    Pharmacy and therapeutic committee
  52. Role and responsibilities of pharmacist in pharmacy and therapeutic committee? (10)
  53. Explain the function of pharmacy and therapeutic committee? (5)
  54. What are the benefits of therapeutics guidelines? (5)
  55. Explain the process of development of standard therapeutics guidelines?(5)
  56. What are factors affecting the implementation and use of therapeutic guidelines? (5)
  57. Explain the members of pharmacy and therapeutic committee? (2)
  58. Give the composition of pharmacy and therapeutic committee? (2)
  59. Define pharmacy and therapeutic committee? (2)
  60. Role of pharmacy and therapeutic committee in adverse drug reaction? (2)
  61. Role of pharmacy and therapeutic committee in automatic stop order for dangerous drugs? (2)
  62. Role of pharmacy and therapeutic committee in emergency drugs? (2)
  63. Discuss the role of pharmacy and therapeutic committee in drug safety? (5)
  64. Role of pharmacy and therapeutic committee in investigational drug use in hospital? (2)
  65. Role of pharmacy and therapeutic committee in drug product defect reporting programme? (2)
  66. What are therapeutic guidelines? (2)
  67. Write the significance of pharmacy and therapeutics committee? (2)
    Information services
  68. Establishment of drug information center(5)
  69. Write a note on Poison information center (5)
  70. Discuss the use of computers in business and health care software(10)
  71. Write steps involved in steps involved in patient counseling(5)
  72. Objectives of patient counseling(2)
  73. Patient counselling techniques in special conditions(2)
    Education and training program in the hospital
  74. Write the role of pharmacist in the education and training program(5)
  75. What is internal and external program (2)
  76. What are verbal and non verbal communication(2)
  77. What is PIL(Patient information leaflets)(2)
  78. Write a note on continuing professional development for pharmacist? (5)
  79. What is the role of pharmacist in education training (5)
  80. List out the various methods of CPD and explain in brief about any one method to update the professional knowledge? (5)
  81. Role of pharmacist in public awareness of disease prevention? (5)
  82. List out the objective of CPD programmes? (5)
  83. Advantages of CPD programmes? (5)
  84. Explain the role of hospital pharmacist in external teaching programs? (5)
  85. What are the opportunities for professional relations for a pharmacist in a hospital? (5)
  86. Explain the guidelines for the exchange of info between pharmacist and nurses? (5)
  87. Explain the guidelines for the exchange of info between pharmacist and medical research staff?(5)
  88. Explain the guidelines for the exchange of info between pharmacist and local pharmacist? (5)
  89. What are the opportunists for hospital pharmacist to improve professional public goodwill? (5)
    Prescribed medication order and communication skills
  90. Define hospital pharmacy news letter? (2)
  91. What are the key parts of the pharmacy bulletin? (2)
  92. What are the advantages of a pharmacy bulletin? (2)
  93. Write a note on importance of news letter? (2)
  94. Write a note on contents and formats of news letter? (2)
    Unit IV
    The Budget-Preparation and implementation
  95. How is the budget prepared in hospital pharmacy? (5)
  96. Explain the role of a pharmacist in budget preparation and implementation? (5)
  97. Explain about the revenue accounts in the hospital? (2)
  98. Explain about the income accounts in the hospital? (2)
  99. List of out important parts of a budget/ (2)
  100. Define hospital budget? (2)
  101. What are different sources of income to meet the operating emphasizing in a hospital? (2)
  102. Define hospital formulary? (2)
    Clinical Pharmacy
  103. What are good qualities of clinical pharmacist(2)
  104. Explain in detail role and responsibility of clinical pharmacist(10)
  105. Write the objectives of Drug therapy monitoring(2)
  106. Explain the drug therapy monitoring(5)
  107. What are pharmacist interventions(2)
  108. Write the goals of medication history(2)
  109. What are steps involved followed in medication history(5)
  110. Define wardround and its objectives(2)
  111. Explain the classification and steps involved in wardround(5)
  112. Write the goals of pharmaceutical care(2)
  113. Explain in detail dosing pattern and drug therapy based on pharmacokinetic & disease pattern(10)
    Over the counter (OTC) sales
  114. What is OTC and its significance(2)
  115. Name the types of OTC medicines(2)
  116. What are rules for proper use of OTC(2)
  117. Explain the Rational use of medicines(5)
  118. Briefly write about OTC counseling questions(5)
  119. Write a note on pharmacist oath(5)
    Unit V
    Drug store management and inventory control
  120. Explain the role of a pharmacist is the purchase of drugs for a hospital pharmacy? (10)
  121. Describe the procedure for purchasing drugs in large hospital? (10)
  122. Explain the role of pharmacist in central sterile supply services? (10)
  123. What is ideal location for OPD in a hospital? Explain the different types of drug distribution for ambulatory patient? (10)
  124. List out the different drug distribution system for IP and explain the merits and demerits of each? (10)
  125. What is floor stock distribution of drugs in a hospital?Give its merits and demerits? (10)
  126. Classify the methods of drug distribution/ Explain about unit dose drug distribution? (10)
  127. Define drug distribution system? Explain in detail about individual prescription order method of distribution with its advantages and disadvantages? (10)
  128. Classify various techniques of inventory control? Explain any one? (5)
  129. Write note on VED and EOQ in inventory control? (5)
  130. Write a note on periodic and perpetual method of inventory? (5)
  131. Draw and explain a layout of OPD in a hospital? (5)
  132. List out the various inventory control methods and its application in drug store management? (5)
  133. Describe the criteria for the distribution of drugs to the emergency wards and to the operation theater? (5)
  134. Write the procedure involved in the distribution of controlled drugs in a hospital/ (5)
  135. What are the control procedure in the hospital for prescribing narcotics and controlled substances? (5)
  136. Describe a purchase order form? (2)
  137. Draw a sample purchase request form? (2)
  138. Write a note on the legal aspects involved in the storage of drugs? (2)
  139. Mention the examples the various storage conditions of drugs? (2)
  140. With suitable examples mention what is cold storage? (2)
  141. Give 4 drugs to be stored at cold temperature? (2)
  142. Define inventory control? (2)
  143. What are the objectives of inventory control? (2)
  144. What is buffer stock and safety stock? (2)
  145. What is lead time, internal and external lead time? (2)
  146. Give the formula for EOQ? (2)
  147. What is re-order level? (2)
  148. What advantages of unit dose dispensing? (2)
  149. What are advantages of the drug basket method of distribution? (2)
  150. What is envelop method of drug distribution? (2)
  151. What is mobile dispensing unit? (2)
  152. Define perpetual inventory? (2)
  153. Define VED analysis? (2)
  154. What are narcotics? Give two examples? (2)
    Investigational use of drugs
  155. Write a note on Approval of new clinical projects(5)
  156. Explain the roles and responsibilities of pharmacist in a hospital(5)
    Interpretation of Clinical Laboratory Tests
  157. Name the non laboratory tests(2)
  158. Write a note on interpretation thyroid functioning test(5)
  159. Write a note on interpretation pulmonary functioning test(5)

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