Different types of Hospitals

Classification based on a system of medicine adopted

Types of Hospitals

a) Allopathic hospital
b) Ayurvedic hospital
c) Siddha hospital
d) Unani hospital
e) Homeopathic hospital
f) Physiotherapy hospital
g) Natures cure hospital.

Classification based on clinical orientation

The word clinical refers to the treatment of diseases in human beings. Different types of diseases need
different ways and methods of treatment. Hospitals are classified according to
a) TB hospital
b) Leprosy hospital
c) Cancer hospital
d) Psychiatric hospital
e) Maternity hospital
f) Infection and communicable disease hospital
g) Drug addiction rehabilitation center.

Classification based on anatomical-physiological specializations

Types of Hospitals

a) ENT hospital
b) Orthopaedic hospital
c) Ophthalmic hospital
d) Neurology hospital
e) Nephrology hospital
f) Cardiothoracic hospital etc.

Hospitals based on accreditation

According to the Joint Commission on accreditation of health care organizations (JACHO), these are
a) Long term health care facility: Facility for inpatient care other than the hospital.
b) Resident treatment facility: Facility providing safe, hygiene arrangements for residents
including preventive, rehabilitative, social, spiritual, and emotional care.
These are again divided into

a) Clinical – Ambulatory patients are seen by appointing & treated by a group of physicians.
b) Ambulatory surgery center – Patients here are admitted for surgical procedures till their

Classification on the basis of ownership

On the basis of ownership, hospitals are again divided into governmental and nongovernmental
a) Governmental – Armed forces, ESI hospitals, state–urban and public health care centers.
b) Nongovernmental – church-related missionaries, charitable, etc.

Classification based on basis of bed capacity

On the basis of bed capacity hospitals are classified into
a) Under 50 beds
b) 50-99 beds
c) 100-199 beds
d) 200-299 beds
e) 300-399 beds
f) 500 beds and above.

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